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The relationship between the bioavailability of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and its bulk chemical composition was examined on three dates at 10 sites on the Ogeechee River, a blackwater river in Georgia, Samples of riverine DOM were concentrated from filtered river water using reverse osmosis. In addition, particulate organic matter (POM), in the form of(More)
Increasing the mechanical stability of artificial polymer materials is an important task in materials science, and for this a profound knowledge of the critical mechanoelastic properties of its constituents is vital. Here, we use AFM-based single-molecule force spectroscopy measurements to characterize the rupture of a single silicon-oxygen bond in the(More)
We report our third and final investigation into the use of ruthenium based compounds for catalyzing the hydrosilylation of methylvinyldimethoxysilane with methyldimethoxysilane. The catalytic mechanism of dichloro(p-cymene)ruthenium(II) (B1) is examined and compared to that of previously studied, less active catalysts. Density functional theory (DFT) has(More)
Since 1990, the integer quantum Hall effect has provided the electrical resistance standard, and there has been a firm belief that the measured quantum Hall resistances are described only by fundamental physical constants--the elementary charge e and the Planck constant h. The metrological application seems not to rely on detailed knowledge of the(More)
We present first principles molecular dynamics simulations of stretched siloxane oligomers in an environment representative of that present in single molecule atomic force microscopy experiments. We determine that the solvent used (hexamethyldisiloxane) does not influence the stretching of the siloxane in the high force regime or the rupture process, but(More)
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