Johann W Willers

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The use of intravenous lipid emulsion (ILE) as an antidote has prompted significant academic and clinical interest. Between August 2009 and August 2012, data from cases of ILE use in intoxicated patients in different hospitals on different continents were voluntarily entered into a registry based on the world wide web ( ). Here, we(More)
We describe the initial management and subsequent recovery of a 61 year-old male patient following attempted suicide by oral ingestion of a potentially fatal overdose of quetiapine and sertraline. Intravenous Intralipid was given soon after initiation of basic resuscitation. There was a rapid improvement in the patient's level of consciousness. No other(More)
Cocaine abuse increased significantly in the last decade, with % of 16–59 year-olds estimated to consume it in the UK.1 hereas features of cocaine use are familiar, little is known bout substances used by dealers to adulterate or ‘cut’ cocaine o increase profits. These can be relatively benign, such as talcum owder, or pharmacological substances with(More)
To provide further evidence for the lipid sink theory, we have developed an in vitro model to assess the effect of Intralipid® 20% on methaemoglobin formation by drugs of varying lipid solubility. Progressively increasing Intralipid concentrations from 4 to 24⁻¹ suppressed methaemoglobin formation by the lipid soluble drug glyceryl trinitrate in a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that by substituting a dye surrogate in place of local anesthetic, we could visually demonstrate dye sequestration by lipid emulsion that would be dependent on both dye lipophilicity and the amount of lipid emulsion used. METHODS We selected 2 lipophilic dyes, acid blue 25 and Victoria blue, with log P values(More)
Eine höhere Lebenserwartung und gesteigerte Aktivität der Bevölkerung führen zu einer Zunahme von degenerativ geprägten Krankheitsbildern wie der Achillessehnenruptur. Die Anamnese und die körperliche Untersuchung sind Mittel der Wahl zur Diagnosestellung der Achillessehnenruptur. Sonographie und Röntgendiagnostik stellen erweiterte, sinnvolle Diagnostika(More)