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The matching required between the two directions through a retrodirective cross-eye jammer is considered using both the traditional phase-front analysis and an extended analysis. The design parameters to achieve a specified tracking error are derived and an optimal design is proposed. The results for the extended analysis show that the tolerances required(More)
When calculating the radar cross section (RCS) of electrically large complex objects with computational electromagnetics tools, computer aided design models of the objects are required. Guidelines regarding the level of fidelity with which the models need to be constructed to achieve specific levels of accuracy, however, remain unclear. In this paper the(More)
Conventional rectangular waveguides are commonly used for high power and other microwave and millimeter-wave applications. Their use at lower frequencies has been limited by their bulky nature. A new type of compact waveguide called a partial H-plane waveguide has previously been proposed that has only one quarter of the cross-sectional area of a(More)
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