Johann Strasser

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We investigated the importance of the host complement system in the pathogenesis of disease mediated by the intramacrophage pathogen Mycobacterium avium. Mycobacteria opsonized with complement are efficiently ingested by macrophages through various complement receptors. Furthermore, unlike other bacteria, mycobacteria can activate both the alternative and(More)
Homeless persons include men, women, and children who are among the poorest of America's poor. A review is provided of the eating patterns of the homeless, their special nutritional problems, and controversial nutritional issues involving them. Also discussed are ways in which community health nurses (CHNs) can (a) help upgrade the nutritional standards of(More)
Subjects were 180 registered nurses enrolled in a master's nursing program. By random assignment, each read one of six versions of a vignette about a male patient. Vignettes differed in terms of patient's diagnosis (AIDS of unspecified origin, AIDS in a hemophiliac infected by blood transfusion, and leukemia) and sexual preference (gay or heterosexual).(More)
This paper is concerned with extracting 3D models from volumetric images. Building models of 3D shape relies on placement of landmarks and in many biological and medical applications automatic landmark placement is impractical. We introduce a system, called uFeel, which allows manual placement of landmarks in 3D using a combination of stereo and haptics.(More)
03-P089 A simple leaf with compound gene expression: Indeterminate leaves co-express ARP and KNOX genes Kanae Nishii, Michael Moeller, Catherine Kidner, Alberto Spada, Raffaella Mantegazza, Hao-Chun Hsu, Toshiyuki Nagata, Chun-Neng Wang 1 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan 2 Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom 3 Milan(More)
The emitting triplet state of cyclometalated Pt(thpy)(CO)(Cl) monomers ((thpy)(-) = 2-(2'-thienylpyridinate), frequently also abbreviated as (2-thpy)(-)) is investigated at T = 1.2 K (typically) by use of the complementary methods of high-resolution optical spectroscopy and of optically detected magnetic resonance (ODMR) spectroscopy. Such a complimentary(More)
A nationwide mail survey of 400 doctorally prepared nurses in academia yielded 251 usable questionnaires. Fifty-five percent had doctoral research preparation classifiable as primarily (or entirely) quantitative (Qn), 11% as qualitative (Ql), and 33% as combined qualitative-quantitative (Combined). Two separate scales assessed the nurses' positions on(More)
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