Johann Schuster

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The effects of gender and psychoneuroimmunological factors resulting from the social environment and status of males were investigated with regard to the concentrations of testosterone and corticosterone and the course of Trypanosoma cruzi infection in mice. Hormone concentrations varied considerably; and only testosterone concentrations showed a tendency(More)
Female BALB/c or C57B1/6 mice, kept in small groups of three or five animals with or without male odor, all had a similar progesterone and corticosterone level, mean number of estrus and duration of estrus cycle. However, if males were kept in the same room, the mean duration of the estrus cycle was longer for both strains; and C57B1/6 females had a(More)
Four Trypanosoma species were examined for damage following prolonged storage in liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees C). The stabilates were successfully recovered after a cryopreservation period of approximately 30 years. The structure of specimens was studied by means of light microscopy and scanning (SEM) and transmission (TEM) electron microscopy. All of the(More)
CASPA is a stochastic process algebra tool for performance and dependability modelling, analysis and verification. It is based entirely on the symbolic data structure MTBDD (multi-terminal binary decision diagram) which enables the tool to handle models with very large state space. This paper describes an extension of CASPA's solving engine for path-based(More)
One of the prevailing ideas in applied concurrency theory and verification is the concept of automata minimization with respect to strong or weak bisimilarity. The minimal automata can be seen as canonical representations of the behaviour modulo the bisimilarity considered. Together with congruence results wrt. process algebraic operators, this can be(More)
CASPA Composition and Analysis of Stochastic Process Algebra stochastic process algebra tool performance and dependability modelling, analysis and verification. Markovian transitions negative exponentially distributed transitions used for modelling delays specification by rates Immediate transitions used for modelling timeless actions (e.g.(More)
Peripheral nerve stimulation limits the use of whole-body gradient systems capable of slew rates > 80 T/m/s and gradient strengths > 25 mT/m. The stimulation threshold depends mainly on the amplitude of the induced electric field in the patient's body, and thus can be influenced by changing the total magnetic flux of the gradient coil. A gradient system was(More)
In order to investigate the natural route of infection of nude and normal BALB/c mice with Trypanosoma cruzi via the skin, a drop of vector faeces/urine containing metacyclic trypomastigotes was placed onto the puncture site of a bite from Triatoma infestans. The periods of exposure, i.e. until removal of flagellates from the skin, and the time elapsed(More)
This paper develops a decision algorithm for weak bisimulation on Markov Automata (MA). For this purpose, different notions of vanishing states (a concept originating from the area of Generalised Stochastic Petri Nets) are defined. In particular, non-na¨ıvely vanishing states are shown to be essential for relating the concepts of (state-based) na¨ıve weak(More)
This paper presents several symbolic counterexample generation algorithms for discrete-time Markov chains (DTMCs) violating a PCTL formula. A counterexample is (a symbolic representation of) a sub-DTMC that is incrementally generated. The crux to this incremental approach is the symbolic generation of paths that belong to the counterexample. We consider two(More)