Johann Schinzel

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BACKGROUND Although common and often disabling in multiple sclerosis (MS), visual dysfunction is currently not adequately accounted for in both clinical routine and MS trials. Sloan low contrast letter acuity (SLCLA) is a standardised chart-based measure of visual function particular at low contrast and has been suggested as additional visual component to(More)
BACKGROUND Optic neuritis is a frequent manifestation of multiple sclerosis. Visual deficits range from a minor impairment of visual functions through to complete loss of vision. Although many patients recover almost completely, roughly 35% of patients remain visually impaired for years, and therapeutic options for those patients hardly exist. Vision(More)
The Aut omat ed Beam St eeri ng and Shapi ng (ABS) proj ect ai ms t o provi de an aut omat i c, generi c and rel i abl e soft ware syst em t o ensure t he provi si on of hi gh qual i t y part i cl e beams t o users of an accel erat or compl ex. An i mport ant component of t hi s proj ect i s t he access t o val i dat ed reference dat a descri bi ng t he di(More)
BACKGROUND The PMP22 gene encodes a protein integral to peripheral myelin. Its deletion leads to hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). PMP22 is not expressed in the adult central nervous system, but previous studies suggest a role in CNS myelin development. The objective of this study was to identify potential structural and(More)
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