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We have studied the transverse and axial equilibrium positions of dielectric micro-spheres trapped in a single-beam gradient optical trap and exposed to an increasing fluid flow transverse to the trapping beam axis. It is demonstrated that the axial equilibrium position of a trapped micro-sphere is a function of its transverse position in the trapping beam.(More)
An array of high numerical aperture parabolic micromirrors (NA = 0.96) is used to generate multiple optical tweezers and to trap micron-sized dielectric particles in three dimensions within a fluidic device. The array of micromirrors allows generating arbitrarily large numbers of 3D traps, since the whole trapping area is not restricted by the field-of-view(More)
An array of four independent laser traps is combined with a polydimethylsiloxane microfluidic chip to form a very compact system allowing parallel processing of biological objects. Strong three dimensional trapping allows holding objects such as functionalized beads in flows at speeds near 1 mm/s, enabling rapid processing. By pressure control of the inlet(More)
The blockade of effects induced by percutaneous peripheral stimulation were abolished by injection of an opiate antagonist as nalorphine. Our results lead to the hypothesis that central and peripheral stimulations act by the same mechanism in producing blockade of noxious impulses. One may suggest that peripheral stimulations induce release of endogenous(More)