Johann-Matthias Graf von der Schulenburg

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BACKGROUND The clinical course of cystic fibrosis (CF) shows considerable variation resulting in differences in health care utilisation. We investigated important clinical parameters and their relation to costs. METHODS We collected clinical parameters together with health care utilisation of a representative paediatric CF population (n=138 patients)(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity with its associated medical, psychological, social, and economic complications is considered a chronic, multifactorial disorder. Given the magnitude of the challenge obesity, there is a clear need for preventive as well as therapeutic measures and strategies on an individual and a public health level. OBJECTIVES The goal of this health(More)
INTRODUCTION Incisional hernias are a common complication following abdominal surgery and they represent about 80% of all ventral hernia. In uncomplicated postoperative follow-up they can develop in about eleven percent of cases and up to 23% of cases with wound infections or other forms of wound complications. Localisation and size of the incisional hernia(More)
OBJECTIVE In patients with longstanding severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA) receiving chronic treatment with adalimumab, health related quality of life (HRQOL) was assessed using new instruments [Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue scale (FACIT-Fatigue) and Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3)] and a more conventional instrument [Medical(More)
OBJECTIVES The BURQOL-RD project is intended to develop a disease based model capable of quantifying the socio-economic burden and health-related quality of life for patients with rare diseases (RDs) and their caregivers in Europe. We described the methodology used to select a set of 10 RDs to be approached in a pilot study. METHODS BURQOL-RD project(More)
OBJECTIVES Major objective is the evaluation of the medical effectiveness of different therapeutical approaches and the cost effectiveness with relevance for Germany. METHODS This health technology assessment (HTA) evaluates systemically randomized controlled studies (RCT) on the therapy of atopic dermatitis which were published between 1999 and 2004.(More)
OBJECTIVE AND METHODS This health technology assessment (HTA) report synthesises systematically randomized controlled studies (RCT) on the therapy of moderate and severe psoriasis vulgaris which were published between 1999 and 2004; it includes some important clinical studies which have been published after 2004 and thus updates the English HTA report by(More)
INTRODUCTION Arteriosclerotic changes can lead to circulatory disturbances in various areas of the human vascular system. In addition to pharmacological therapy and the management of risk factors (e. g. hypertension, diabetes, lipid metabolism disorders, and lifestyle), surgical interventions also play an important role in the treatment of arteriosclerosis.(More)
BACKGROUND In Western countries hormone replacement therapy (HT) is widely used in the treatment of climacteric women who are affected with hot flashes and night sweats. Besides, long-term HT was frequently used to manage the higher risks for osteoporosis and heart attack in postmenopause. Estrogens alone or combined with progestin feature most frequently(More)
INTRODUCTION With 3.2% of all cancer cases in 2002, cervical carcinoma is the tenth most common cancer in Germany and causes 1.8% of all cancer deaths in women in Germany. To date diagnosis in Germany solely has been based on cervical cytology which has been criticised due to its low sensitivity and consequently high rate of false negative results. (More)