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Arrangements of (pseudo-)circles have already been studied in connection with algorithms in computational geometry. Thereby information on the numbers v k of intersection points contained in k circles seems to be particularly interesting. On each circle, there is an induced arrangement of arcs. This is why we begin by studying arrangements of arcs, and we(More)
IN 1960 we reported a method of measuring blood flow in individual vessels based on the principle of local thermodilution.1 The present communication presents application of the same principle to measurement of blood flow in the femoral artery in man at rest and during exercise. Methods An upstream catheter was used, modified to allow for percutaneous(More)
We introduce intersection schemes (a generalization of uniform oriented ma-troids of rank 3) to describe the combinatorial properties of arrangements of pseu-docircles in the plane and on closed orientable surfaces. Similar to the Folkman-Lawrence topological representation theorem for oriented matroids we show that there is a one-to-one correspondence(More)