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1 Hepatic blood flow was determined before and during (+)- and (+/-)-propranolol plasma concentration plateaus in 19 patients with suspected renal hypertension and normal liver function. 2 Hepatic blood flow significantly decreased (P less than 0.001) during (+/-)-propranolol administration and remained unchanged during (+)-propranolol administration. 3(More)
Due to deregulated energy market conditions and the planned extension of the UCTE power system towards Eastern Europe, as well as towards the Middle East and North Africa to close the so called “Mediterranean Ring”, the oscillation damping behaviour of the UCTE power system is gaining more and more in importance. Within the present paper, the oscillation(More)
Echocardiographic dimensions and hemodynamic indexes were determined in 42 patients with borderline hypertension and in 22 with sustained hypertension and the results were compared with findings in 33 normal subjects. In patients with borderline hypertension the thickness of the interventricular septum (IVS) was significantly increased (P less than 0.001),(More)
Voluntary sequential ambulatory recording is a diagnostic method of recording per-critical electrocardiographs in symptomatic patients with the aid of a portable solid-state technology recorder. In order to assess the value of this technique in the detection of arrhythmias, a multicenter study was performed in 1,287 symptomatic patients suspected of having(More)
Blood pressure, renal blood flow, total blood volume (TBV), plasma renin activity, and vascular reactivities to angiotensin and norepinephrine were studied in 48 normotensive subjects and 106 essential, sustained, hypertensive patients with normal renal function, balanced sodium intake, and urinary output. A significant negative pressure-volume relationship(More)
Central hemodynamics were determined in 202 men including 101 normotensive and 101 permanent essential hypertensive patients of the same age. Cardiac output was identical in the two groups while blood pressure and total peripheral resistance were significantly different. Strong differences between the two groups are revealed by a systematic correlation(More)
Systolic time intervals, echocardiographic dimensions and hemodynamic parameters were determined in 42 borderline hypertensive patients with high cardiac output and 33 normal subjects. In borderline hypertensive patients, the preejection period was significantly reduced (P less than 0.001) and was negatively correlated to cardiac index (P less than 0.001).(More)
CFD simulations of ventilation and dedusting systems in melting shops with an electric arc furnace are presented. The models include free and forced convection, multiphase flow and complex geometry. Special emphasize is given to the modelling of the dust phase: An Euler-Lagrangian discrete random walk approach, the stochastic transport of particles (STP)(More)