Johann Joets

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SUMMARY Breeding programs face the challenge of integrating information from genomics and from quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis in order to identify genomic sequences controlling the variation of important traits. Despite the development of integrative databases, building a consensus map of genes, QTL and other loci gathered from multiple maps remains(More)
SUMMARY Compilation of genetic maps combined to quantitative trait loci (QTL) meta-analysis has proven to be a powerful approach contributing to the identification of candidate genes underlying quantitative traits. BioMercator was the first software offering a complete set of algorithms and visualization tool covering all steps required to perform QTL(More)
Current advances in plant genotyping lead to major progress in the knowledge of genetic architecture of traits of interest. It is increasingly important to develop decision support tools to help breeders and geneticists to conduct marker-assisted selection methods to assemble favorable alleles that are discovered. Algorithms have been implemented, within an(More)
Genetic linkage computation may be a repetitive and time consuming task, especially when numerous loci are assigned to a framework map. We thus developed ActionMap, a web-based software that automates genetic mapping on a fixed framework map without adding the new markers to the map. Using this tool, hundreds of loci may be automatically assigned to the(More)
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