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Imaging single fluorescent proteins in living mammalian cells is challenged by out-of-focus fluorescence excitation. To reduce out-of-focus fluorescence we developed reflected light-sheet microscopy (RLSM), a fluorescence microscopy method allowing selective plane illumination throughout the nuclei of living mammalian cells. A thin light sheet parallel to(More)
Superresolution microscopy based on single-molecule centroid determination has been widely applied to cellular imaging in recent years. However, quantitative imaging of the mammalian nucleus has been challenging due to the lack of 3D optical sectioning methods for normal-sized cells, as well as the inability to accurately count the absolute copy numbers of(More)
—Automatically identifying that a certain page in a set of documents is printed with a different printer than the rest of the documents can give an important clue for a possible forgery attempt. Different printers vary in their produced printing quality, which is especially noticeable at the edges of printed characters. In this paper, a system using the(More)
—In this paper, we present a novel QoS (quality of service) multicast routing protocol (QMRP) for partially mobile wireless TDMA (time division multiple access) networks. This protocol has been inspired by the typical requirements of industrial networked control systems, i.e., systems exhibiting real-time behavior and therefore requiring predictable(More)
This section investigates graphical modeling as a powerful framework for drawing inferences under imprecision and uncertainty. We survey the semantical background and relevant properties of relational, probabilistic, and possibilistic networks and consider evidence propagation in such networks as well as methods for learning them from data. Whereas the(More)
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