Johann Göbel

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In the present treatise an image sensor acquiring additional depth information is applied to extend regular computer vision algorithms. The so called Photonic Mixer Device (PMD) basing on the time-offlight principle can measure the distance between a smart pixel on the image sensor and the object being recorded. Since the resolution of such a sensor is(More)
Aiming at improving image segmentation and extending regular computer vision algorithms an image sensor, acquiring additional depth information is deployed. The novel photonic mixer device (PMD) technology was summarized, by which it becomes possible to measure the observed object's distance to the camera. Motivated by expanding and making existing image(More)
The detection of military high explosives and illicit drugs presents problems of paramount importance in the fields of counter terrorism and criminal investigation. Effectively dealing with such threats requires hand-portable, mobile and affordable instruments. The paper shows that solid-state gas sensors can contribute to the development of such(More)
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