Johann Eekhoff

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European health care systems will face major challenges in the near future. Demographic change and technological progress induce rising costs. In order to deal with these developments and to preserve the current level of health care provision, health care systems need to be highly efficient. Yet existing health care systems show a lot of inefficiencies that(More)
The article discusses recent judgements of the German Federal Constitutional Court concerning the German rax system. In a landmark decision from June 26, 1995, the judges not only ruled the former German wealth and inheritage unconstitutionally, but also put forward general rules to prevent excessive taxation. Thought this ruling constitutes a further(More)
In the present paper the effects of different pay-as-you-go pension systems on fertility decisions of a representative household are examined. Thereby, the analysis focuses especially on the interplay of parental quantity and quality decisions, introduced by Becker (1960). As it will be shown, a traditional pay-as-you-go system in either case distorts(More)
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