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BACKGROUND Non-Wilsonian hepatic copper toxicosis includes Indian childhood cirrhosis (ICC), endemic Tyrolean infantile cirrhosis (ETIC) and the non-Indian disease known as idiopathic copper toxicosis (ICT). These entities resemble the hepatic copper overload observed in livers of Bedlington terriers with respect to their clinical presentation and(More)
118 schoolchildred (males:females = 2.5 : 1) with bronchial asthma--defined as recurrent allergic or non-allergic expiratory dyspnoea--were investigated as regards their clinical course, frequency of asthma attacks, exercise tolerance, anti-asthmatic drug requirements and spirometric changes during and after participation in specialized holiday programmes(More)
Objective. Chronic hepatitis C is a major long-term problem for children who survive cancer. Interferon (IFN)-a has been shown to be effective in treating patients with chronic hepatitis C; however, the rate of sustained response is low. Combining IFN-a and ribavirin (RBV) has been shown to significantly improve the response in adult patients with chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic hepatitis B is a serious long-term problem for children surviving malignancy. The annual rate of spontaneous clearance of hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg) is only 3% in these patients, and the response to monotherapy with interferon (IFN)-alpha is also low. OBJECTIVE To monitor the serological and molecular response on combined antiviral(More)
Peroral small bowel biopsy is a decisive step in the diagnosis of coeliac disease and is performed frequently. The patient's exposure to ionizing radiation during fluoroscopic control therefore deserves consideration. Compared to data in the literature, the biopsy method employed at the University Children's Hospital in Vienna achieves a markedly shorter(More)
toff value, Dr. Fung may be right. We will deeply consider his suggestion in our 800 future studies. In our experience, however, serum G G T P and LP-X in intra700 hepatic cholestasis of unknown origin (IC) patients varied much less in value and had a tendency to cluster in a lower G00 and more narrow range than in B A patients. Based on these observations(More)
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During a period of 7 years the case histories of 60 infants with direct hyperbilirubinaemia were prospectively evaluated. At presentation the majority of infants had an age below 1 month. By close clinical follow-up of all infants including the observation of acholic stools (21 infants), quantitative estimations of lipoprotein X during cholestyramine(More)
Trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole (TMP-SMZ) is considered a safe drug for treatment of infectious bacterial diseases in children. Side-effects are rare and generally take the form of a hypersensitivity reaction to the sulphamethoxazole component of the drug. Hepatic injury usually presents as a transient elevation of liver enzymes, which is of little clinical(More)
Up until now 39 cases of combined Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome and Sturge-Weber syndrome have been described. Here follows the report of a girl, now 4 years of age, displaying a full combination of these syndromes. Only a small part of the body surface is not covered with naevi teleangiectatici laterales. The patient has clear hypertrophy of the left cheek(More)