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On the graphene moiré on Ir(111) a variety of highly perfect cluster superlattices can be grown as shown is for Ir, Pt, W, and Re. Even materials that do not form cluster superlattices upon room temperature deposition may be grown into such by low temperature deposition or the application of cluster seeding through Ir as shown for Au, AuIr, FeIr. Criteria(More)
We report strongly enhanced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) of Co films by graphene coating from both first-principles and experiments. Our calculations show that graphene can dramatically boost the surface anisotropy of Co films up to twice the value of its pristine counterpart and can extend the out-of-plane effective anisotropy up to(More)
Magnetic domain structure and spin-dependent reflectivity measurements on cobalt thin films intercalated at the graphene/Ir(111) interface are investigated using spin-polarised low-energy electron microscopy. We find that graphene-covered cobalt films have surprising magnetic properties. Vectorial imaging of magnetic domains reveals an unusually gradual(More)
The exceptional electronic properties of monatomic thin graphene sheets triggered numerous original transport concepts, pushing quantum physics into the realm of device technology for electronics, optoelectronics and thermoelectrics. At the conceptual pivot point is the particular two-dimensional massless Dirac fermion character of graphene charge carriers(More)
Moiré superlattices in graphene supported on various substrates have opened a new avenue to engineer graphene's electronic properties. Yet, the exact crystallographic structure on which their band structure depends remains highly debated. In this scanning tunneling microscopy and density functional theory study, we have analysed graphene samples grown on(More)
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