Johann Åkerström

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AIM Among Swedish children of 0-12 years old, we investigated various food allergy-related exposures associated with health-related quality of life using a food allergy-specific questionnaire among children allergic to the staple foods cow's milk, hen's egg and/or wheat, and contextualised worse food allergy-associated health-related quality of life using a(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the present study was to evaluate if total, direct, indirect, and intangible costs differ between a cohort of adults with well-characterized allergy to staple foods ('cases') and controls. METHODS Swedish adults with objectively diagnosed food allergy to cow's milk, hen's egg, and/or wheat were recruited at an outpatient allergy(More)
Methods Swedish children (0-12 years) and adolescents (13-17 years) with objectively diagnosed food allergy to staple foods were recruited in an outpatient allergy clinic. Ageand sex-matched controls were included. Food-allergic adolescents themselves and the parents of food-allergic children answered a food-allergy specific HRQL questionnaire (FAQLQ),(More)
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