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Erythroid ferrochelatase activity has been studied in the normoblasts of patients with porphyria variegata and protoporphyria. Two methods were used for the investigation: one using intact cells and the other lysed cells, each measuring the amount of haem synthesized by normoblasts. In patients with porphyria variegata, ferrochelatase activity estimated by(More)
After 7 years on haemodialysis, a 37-year-old anephric man developed cutaneous lesions of the hands, arms and face, shown by skin biopsy to be compatible with porphyria cutanea tarda (PCT) (symptomatic porphyria). Elevated levels of plasma uroporphyrin and 7-COOH porphyrin were detected alongside a predominant isocoproporphyrin fraction in the faeces by(More)
A residual mother-to-child transmission of HIV through breastfeeding persists despite prophylaxis. We identified breast milk fatty acids (FA) associated with postnatal HIV transmission through breastfeeding in a case-control study. Cases (n=23) were HIV-infected women with an infant who acquired HIV after 6 weeks of age. Controls (n=23) were matched on(More)
BACKGROUND Subclinical mastitis (SCM) is a frequent, but poorly characterized entity that may influence immune development of breastfed infants. Mechanisms driving the emergence of SCM and changes in immunological content of human milk during SCM remain to be explored. In this study, the breast milk environment was to describe during SCM. METHODS One(More)
Porphyria variegata affects approximately 1 in 200 Afrikaans-speaking people in South Africa. This paper reports the first case of a marriage between 2 people with porphyria variegata and describes investigations carried out on their 2 children, who do not exhibit any signs of the disease. The wife had suffered 1 miscarriage at 4 months' gestation.
We present here a case of an HIV-HBV co-infected mother who exposed her child to a significant HBV infectious inoculum via breast milk, likely due to a hepatitis flare or an acute HBV infection. The mother-child couple was enrolled in the Kesho Bora study; a randomized controlled trial evaluating maternal prophylactic strategies to reduce HIV transmission(More)
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