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OMI instrument is an ultraviolet-visible imaging spectrograph that uses two-dimensional charge-coupled device detectors to register both the spectrum and the swath perpendicular to the flight direction with a 115 wide swath, which enables global daily ground coverage with high spatial resolution. This paper presents the OMI design and discusses the main(More)
Circadian rhythms of locomotor activity have been investigated in several African mole-rat species. Even though mole-rats spend most of their lives in underground burrows devoid of light, studies have shown that they do possess circadian rhythms to some extent. We investigated the circadian rhythms of locomotor activity in 11 male Ansell's mole-rats Fukomys(More)
We present SPEX, an innovative, compact, and robust Spectropolarimeter for Planetary EXploration, that measures fluxes F and polarization P of sunlight reflected by Mars from 400 to 800 nm with 2 nm (F) to 20 nm (P) spectral resolution, in 9 fixed viewing directions. With SPEX, dust and ice cloud particles in the atmosphere and the surface can be studied.(More)
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