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  • J Weil
  • 1991
Mothers' postcounseling beliefs about the causes of their children's genetic disorders were investigated by means of a Q-sort consisting of 54 statements of possible beliefs that were sorted into nine groups of six items each on the basis of congruence with the subject's beliefs. The subjects were well educated, knowledgeable about the genetics of their(More)
Determination of left-right axis is a precocious embryonic event, and all phenotypic anomalies resulting from disruption of the normal lateralization process are collectively referred to as the lateralization defect. A transgenic mouse with lateralization defect and hepatic, kidney, and pancreatic anomalies has resulted from disruption of the inv gene by(More)
In addition to direct gene dosage effects, the deleterious phenotypic consequences of aneuploidy may result from secondary regulatory effects on the production and degradation of gene products coded for by other chromosomes. In an initial test of the hypothesis that extensive secondary effects play an important role in the phenotypic consequences of(More)
Human immune interferon (IFN-gamma) differs from leukocyte interferon (IFN-alpha) and fibroblast interferon (IFN-beta) in cell origin, inducing agents, physical and biological properties and amino acid sequence. These differences have led to interest in possible differences in the biological properties of IFN-gamma compared with IFN-alpha and IFN-beta.(More)
Localization of the gene for the species specific response to interferon (IFRC) to human chromosome 21 has stimulated interest in the effect of aneuploidy for chromosome 21 on cell sensitivity to interferon. Previous reports have shown that the relative sensitivities of trisomy 21, diploid and monosomy 21 human fibroblasts as measured in an antiviral assay(More)
The biological effects on diploid and trisomy 21 human fibroblasts of pure human interferon IFLrA, a single IFN-alpha species produced from cloned DNA, were compared with those of partially purified natural IFN-alpha. Twelve interferon-induced polypeptides were visualized by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. Seven of these were shown(More)