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The execution time or estimated execution time of actor. UBS Unbounded buffer synchronization. A synchronization protocol that must be used for feedforward edges of the synchronization graph. This protocol requires four synchronization accesses per iteration period. t v () v 68 Glossary Same as with the DFG understood from context. If there is no path in(More)
This paper presents a voltage-scalable digital signal processing system designed for the use in a wireless sensor node (WSN) for ambulatory monitoring of biomedical signals. To fulfill the requirements of ambulatory monitoring, power consumption, which directly translates to the WSN battery lifetime and size, must be kept as low as possible. The proposed(More)
In this short paper it is theoretically shown that Kaizer's low-frequency model for nonlinear distortion in electrodynamic loudspeakers is feedback linearizable in current drive as well as voltage drive. This means there exists some nonlinear feedback mechanism such that the given system can be transformed into an exact linear system, provided one has full(More)
Time-to-market continues to be The Challenge faced by developers of complex electronic systems. The bottleneck-which was traditionally in the design phase of the project-has now moved downstream to the system-level verification stage. The growing adoption of top-down design methodologies based on HDL and synthesis has made the generation of large(More)
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