Johan Van Cleynenbreugel

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The success of CT colonography (CTC) depends on appropriate tools for quick and accurate diagnostic reading. Current advancements in computer technology have the potential to bring such tools even to personal computer level. In this paper a technique for computed-aided diagnosis (CAD) using CT colonography is described. The method uses a combination of(More)
A preoperative planning system for oral implant surgery was developed which takes as input computed tomographies (CT's) of the jaws. Two-dimensional (2-D) reslices of these axial CT slices orthogonal to a curve following the jaw arch are computed and shown together with three-dimensional (3-D) surface rendered models of the bone and computer-aided design(More)
OBJECTIVE Posterior transarticular spine fusion is a surgical procedure used to stabilize the cervical bodies C1 and C2. Currently, spine screws are used most frequently, according to the procedure of Magerl. As the anatomy is rather complex and the view is limited, this procedure has a high risk factor. We present and validate a planning system for(More)
When maxillofacial surgery is proposed as a treatment for a patient, the type of osteotomy and its influence on the facial contour is of major interest. To design the optimal surgical plan, 3D image-based planning can be used. However, prediction of soft tissue deformation due to skeletal changes, is rather complex. The soft tissue model needs to(More)