Johan Svedberg

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There is growing evidence that immune functions are linked to the regulation of body fat. Our studies of knockout mice indicate that both endogenous interleukin (IL)-6 and IL-1 can suppress mature-onset obesity. We now investigated whether four common polymorphisms of the IL6 and IL1 systems are associated with the fat mass measured with dual-energy X-ray(More)
Scintigraphic technique was used to study esophageal transport of a solid bolus in 16 patients with dysphagia but with normal manometry, and negative acid perfusion tests, acid clearing tests, and pH reflux tests. Radiology performed on 14 of the 16 patients showed no evidence of organic lesions. Half the patients had abnormal findings at scintigraphy, with(More)
Degradable starch microspheres (DSM) mixed and injected with a cytostatic drug might improve intra-arterial chemotherapy by increasing the local drug concentration. Several factors are of importance for an optimal effect of the microspheres, e.g. size and vascularity of the tumour, arterial blood flow and arterio-venous shunts. Therefore, the dose of DSM(More)
A modified, quantitative cholescintigraphic method for the assessment of enterogastric reflux has been developed. The distribution of the hepatobiliary tracer 99mTc-Hida is continuously recorded by a computer for 1 h after intravenous injection of the substance. With the patient still in a supine position under the gamma camera two administrations were made(More)