Johan Sunter

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The successful development of a long-term organ culture system has made it possible to perform experiments on rat colonic mucosa in vitro. However, the effect of trauma or the withdrawal of trophic influences in culture may result in the disturbance of proliferation within the tissue. In this paper we describe an investigation designed to characterise the(More)
This paper describes the progressive effects of severe copper depletion on pancreatic weight, structure, amylase content and responses to secretin and caerulein, as well as a number of general body parameters (appearance, body weight and blood indices). Copper depletion was produced by feeding young rats a copper-deficient diet alone or together with either(More)
We have measured mitotic indices and 3H-thymidine-labelling indices for the colonic epithelial tumours induced in rats by the administration of dimethyl-hydrazine (DMH). The fraction-of-labelled-mitoses (FLM) technique has been used to estimate the duration of the cell-cycle phases. In general, mitotic and labelling indices in the tumours are similar to(More)
3H-thymidine labelling studies and a computer simulation have been employed to assess proliferative status and cellular organisation in colonic explants maintained in culture for 5 to 7 days. The one-hour flash labelling index (Is) for crypts within the middle region of explants (5.2%) was considerably lower than that observed in vivo (8.8%). Crypt length(More)
Sulindac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, has been reported to lead to tumour regression in cases of human polyposis coli. We have investigated the effects of this drug on the growth of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (DMH)-induced mouse colonic tumours. In one experiment, DMH and oral sulindac were administered concurrently to a group of mice for a period of(More)
The inherent resistance of human solid tumours to cancer chemotherapy is a major problem in medical oncology. Experimentally, in cell lines, the resistance phenomena studied are often induced by a process analogous to the induction of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. The acquired mechanisms by which resistant mutants differ from parent cells are studied(More)
The in-vitro pharmacokinetics of vincristine (VCR) in normal rat colonic mucosa were studied. Two complementary approaches were adopted using an explant organ-culture system. Firstly [G-3H]vincristine (3HVCR) accumulation, retention and efflux were characterized under basal conditions and compared with measurements made either under energy-depleted(More)