Johan Sjunnesson

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the outcome of patients with suspected normal pressure hydrocephalus at 6 months and 5 years after shunt surgery. METHODS Seventy-five patients (mean age, 72.5 6 9 yr), with normal pressure hydrocephalus symptoms were included. Fifty-four patients with positive lumbar infusion and/or cerebrospinal fluid tap tests received a(More)
1. Effects of A-322312 (alpha(1B)-adrenoceptor (AR) antagonist), A-119637 (alpha(1D)-AR antagonist), prazosin (non-selective alpha(1)-AR antagonist), and yohimbine (alpha(2)-AR antagonist) were studied in rat corpus cavernosum (CC) and cavernous artery (Acc) preparations. Effects of intracavernous (i.c.) or intraperitoneal (i.p.) administration of(More)
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