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For an understanding of the basis for psychophysical measurement of visual resolution, quantitative morphological studies of retinal neuronal architecture are needed. Here we report on cell densities and retinal ganglion cell:cone ratio (RGC:C) from the foveal border to the peripheral retina (34 degrees eccentricity). Quantitative estimates of RGC and C(More)
· Background: A study was carried out to measure the displacement of retinal ganglion cells subserving the cones within the human fovea. · Methods: Four human retinas were examined along the nasal or vertical hemi-meridians. Total displacement was estimated by adding the displacement due to fibres of Henle and bipolar cells, measured as the lateral(More)
AIM To study the course of exfoliation and simplex glaucoma with respect to intraocular pressure (IOP) regulation and visual field survival after primary trabeculectomy. METHODS Postoperative IOP regulation and complications were analysed prospectively in 95 patients. Mean follow up was 46 months. Visual field survival was studied by high pass resolution(More)
Suckling mice were inoculated intradermally with herpes simplex virus into the sole of the hind foot. Titrations for infective virus from different levels of the sciatic nerve, dorsal ganglia, and spinal cord showed that virus was already present in the spinal cord two days after inoculation, and before virus could be recovered from the examined levels of(More)
A study was made on mast cell proliferation in control and sectioned rat sciatic nerve using radioautography with3H-thymidine. The main findings were as follows: 1. In control nerves only a small fraction of the mast cell nuclei was labelled with3H-thymidine 45 minutes and 24 hours after the injection. 2. In the distal part of sectioned nerves from the same(More)
Freehand, isolated neuronal perikarya from the hypoglossal nucleus of the rabbit have been examined with light-and electron-microscopy (transmission and scanning). The surface of the cell bodies was largely covered with spherical particles which were 0.5-2 micro in diameter. Transmission electron microscopy proved that the spherical particles were synaptic(More)
Forty-four children aged 2-9 years with strabismic and anisometropic amblyopia were prospectively followed up during amblyopia treatment. The efficacy of optimised treatment in terms of number of cured children, time to achieve cure, and rate of initial improvement of visual acuity was evaluated in relation to age at start of treatment, type and initial(More)
Proteins synthesized in the nodose ganglia of rabbits were radiolabeled with 35S-methionine and the proteins present in the vagus nerve, at various times later, were analyzed by SDS (sodium dodecyl sulfate)-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Three major groups of proteins were transported as waves of radioactivity within the nerve at rates of 15-17 mm/h,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate whether reports of reduced posterior capsule opacification (PCO) rates with AcrySof intraocular lenses (IOLs) are applicable to a mixed group of cataract patients in everyday surgical practice. SETTING Department of Ophthalmology, Kärnsjukhuset, Skövde, Sweden. METHODS A retrospective study comparing a study group receiving an(More)