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For an understanding of the basis for psychophysical measurement of visual resolution, quantitative morphological studies of retinal neuronal architecture are needed. Here we report on cell densities and retinal ganglion cell:cone ratio (RGC:C) from the foveal border to the peripheral retina (34 degrees eccentricity). Quantitative estimates of RGC and C(More)
A method is presented for quantitative measurements of the glare effect of light scattered in the ocular media. The contrast sensitivity function is measured with a television display system. A bright light source is introduced into the field of vision, and the resultant decrease in contrast sensitivity is mea-ured. It is further used to calculate a(More)
BACKGROUND A study was carried out to measure the displacement of retinal ganglion cells subserving the cones within the human fovea. METHODS Four human retinas were examined along the nasal or vertical hemi-meridians. Total displacement was estimated by adding the displacement due to fibres of Henle and bipolar cells, measured as the lateral extension of(More)
Any intervention to prevent serious amblyopia is based on the knowledge about normal versus subnormal visual development. Our ability to predict with high degree of certainty which children will develop amblyopia will be dependent on the characteristics of various risk factors for initiating the development of squint or amblyopia. We have used longitudinal(More)
PURPOSE 1045 children between 12 and 13 years old were examined in a field study in the Göteborg area (Sweden). The aim of this study was to report the prevalence of refractive errors, with special attention to myopia, since there are no previous reports in Sweden about this age group. METHODS The examination included visual acuity testing and refraction(More)
PURPOSE To establish the distribution of visual acuity and the prevalence of residual amblyopia and other ocular disorders in a vision-screened population group of 12-13-year-old children. METHODS In total 1046 children were examined in a field study in Sweden. The examination included visual acuity, stereopsis, cover testing, red reflex, refractive(More)
Published studies on humans and monkeys show discrepancies in the reported quantitative relationship between cones (C) and ganglion cells (G). Data on human foveal retina suggest that it cannot accommodate the midget on-off system in addition to other functional channels. Foveal cell densities along the vertical meridian (0-1.8 mm eccentricity) were(More)
PURPOSE The study has investigated the effect of lighting on the daily activities (ADL) of the visually impaired in their homes by comparison before and after light adjustments were made in the kitchen, hall and bathroom. It has also investigated the additional effects on the quality of life after providing task lighting in the living room. METHOD A total(More)
AIM To study the course of exfoliation and simplex glaucoma with respect to intraocular pressure (IOP) regulation and visual field survival after primary trabeculectomy. METHODS Postoperative IOP regulation and complications were analysed prospectively in 95 patients. Mean follow up was 46 months. Visual field survival was studied by high pass resolution(More)