Johan Sjöström

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The aim of this study was to evaluate whether the HER2 expression in breast cancer is retained in metastases. The HER2 expression in primary tumours and the corresponding lymph node metastases were evaluated in parallel samples from 47 patients. The HercepTest was used for immunohistochemical analyses of HER2 overexpression in all cases. CISH/FISH was used(More)
We wanted to study cyclin A as a marker for prognosis and chemotherapy response. A total of 283 women with metastatic breast cancer were initially enrolled in a randomised multicentre trial comparing docetaxel to sequential methotrexate-fluorouracil (MF) in advanced breast cancer after anthracycline failure. Paraffin-embedded blocks of the primary tumour(More)
The study was designed to identify factors that could predict response to chemotherapy in breast cancer. A total of 173 patients with measurable or evaluable metastatic breast cancer were enrolled in a randomized trial between November 1987 and January 1991 to receive a monthly dose of 5-fluorouracil (500 mg m(-2)), epirubicin (60 mg m(-2)) and(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the reliability and responsiveness of a new device-perceptual matching by Matcher (Cefar Medical AB, Lund, Sweden)-in the assessment of the progress of experimentally induced itch as well as determine the reliability of the method in patients with skin disease and itch. The perceptual matching unit electrically(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the predictive value of intratumoural microvessel density in breast cancer. We studied immunohistochemically primary tumours of 104 patients with metastasised breast cancer who took part in a randomised multicentre trial comparing docetaxel to sequential methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil. Vessels were highlighted with(More)
The dynamics of water confined in silica matrices MCM-41 C10 and C18, with pore diameter of 21 and 36 A, respectively, is examined by broadband dielectric spectroscopy (10(-2)-10(9) Hz) and differential scanning calorimetry for a wide temperature interval (110-340 K). The dynamics from capillary condensed hydration water and surface monolayer of water are(More)
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