Johan Scharpé

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BACKGROUND Disturbances in acquired immunity are considered to be responsible, at least in part, for the high infection rate and inadequate response to vaccinations observed in hemodialysis (HD) patients. The present prospective trial aimed to: (1) evaluate the immunogenicity of a standard influenza vaccine in HD patients, and (2) identify determinants of(More)
Whether influenza vaccination in solid-organ transplant recipients is efficacious remains a controversial issue. Furthermore, theoretical concerns have been raised regarding the safety of vaccination as it might trigger rejection of the allograft. The present prospective trial is aimed at investigating the antibody response and safety of influenza(More)
The understanding of the molecular structure of the podocyte has increased considerabely in recent 5 years by genetic research in inherited glomerulopathies. Injury to the podocyte often leads to a reorganisation of the slit diaphragm and to foot process effacement, which can be noted in all forms of the nephrotic syndrome. Since the recent progress in our(More)
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