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JROORYCK@IUBACS ABSTRACT With respect to negative islands, it is argued that only believe type verbs allow negation to bind the head C° of their embedded CP (Neg-raising). Wh-elements moving to the higher [Spec, CP] through the embedded [Spec, CP] will pick up the negative value of C°. This results in an unacceptable structure where the Wh-element with the(More)
  • Mélanie Jouitteau, Milan Rezac, +5 authors Nicolas Guilliot
  • 2008
I argue that despite their traditional verb-first vs. verb second partition, Welsh and Breton both instantiate a ban on verb-first and I present an analysis of these two languages as fundamentally verb second. In this view, so-called verb first orders prototypically illustrated by Welsh result from inconspicuous strategies to fill in the preverbal position,(More)
The effects of cortisol on several oestrogenic responses of the rat uterus were measured. Whether injected i.v., simultaneously with oestradiol-17 beta, or i.p,, 12 h before the oestradiol, cortisol had no effects on the oestrogen-induced increases in uterine glycogen, protein and DNA contents. In contrast, cortisol inhibited both uterine eosinophilia and(More)
This article investigates the learnability filter (LF) hypothesis, according to which the set of logically possible grammars predicted by linguistic theory is reduced to a proper subset of learnable grammars by external principles of language learning. Anti-faithfulness constraints (Alderete, 2001a) provide a linguistic theory that predicts the existence of(More)
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