Johan Paulin

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There is an apparent contradiction between the narrow range of tempi optimal for perceptual judgment and motor synchronization and the wide range of beat tempi found in real music. The relation between listeners' perception of speed and beat tempo was therefore investigated, both for real music excerpts (ME) and metronome sequences. Tempi ranged from 42 to(More)
One of the major parameters in music is the overall speed of a musical performance. In this study, a computational model of speed in music audio has been developed using a custom set of rhythmic features. Speed is often associated with tempo, but as shown in this study, factors such as note density (onsets per second) and spectral flux are important as(More)
An experimental study comparing Kessler's and Tsuge's techniques for tendon suture was undertaken in dogs. Both second and fifth flexor digitorum profundi tendons of the left forepaw were divided in the segment corresponding to zone 2 of human hands. Following division, the tendons to the second digit were repaired by Kessler's technique and those to the(More)
Aasa, U, Paulin, J, and Madison, G. Correspondence between physical self-concept and participation in, and fitness change after, biweekly body conditioning classes in sedentary women. J Strength Cond Res 31(2): 451-461, 2017-The aims of the study were (a) to investigate the effects of participation in low impact body conditioning classes on physical fitness(More)
There is a need for better understanding of various characteristics in hyperacusis in the general population. The objectives of the present study were to investigate individuals in the general population with hyperacusis regarding demographics, lifestyle, perceived general health and hearing ability, hyperacusis-specific characteristics and behavior, and(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the physical and psychological effects across 11 weeks of music-exercise sessions, the participants' training experience, and attitudes towards physical activity. The effect of different music information was also investigated. METHODS Overall, 146 sedentary volunteers were randomized into 4 exercise groups and each group received(More)
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