Johan P. Larsson

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When listening to modified speech, either naturally or artificially altered, the human perceptual system rapidly adapts to it. There is some debate about the nature of the mechanisms underlying this adaptation. Although some authors propose that listeners modify their prelexical representations, others assume changes at the lexical level. Recently, Larsson,(More)
There is a broad consensus on the coupling of deteriorating gait and vestibular asymmetry, which has proved predictive of falls in the elderly. To date, research on this coupling remains inconclusive and has not focused specifically on fallers. In the present study, differences in gait variability were examined in a population of elderly females with(More)
Abstract Sebastián-Gallés et al. [The influence of initial exposure on lexical representation: Comparing early and simultaneous bilinguals. Journal of Memory and Language, 52, 240-255, 2005] contrasted highly proficient early Spanish-Catalan and Catalan-Spanish bilinguals, using Catalan materials in a lexical decision task (LDT). They constructed two types(More)
Vestibular asymmetry is a common cause of dizziness in the elderly, for whom it precipitates the risk of falling. Previous studies have shown that those with vestibular asymmetry displayed an altered variability in double support time (DST) compared to controls. However, swing time (SwT) variability findings are conflicting. In this study, we investigated(More)
  • Gabriel Hjalmarsson, Adam Liljeroos, Johan P Larsson Jönköping, Johan P Larsson
  • 2015
This paper intends to examine what fraction of house prices can be accredited to the distance between residential properties and proximity to parks, water and city centers. Although a large body of work on the subject of amenities and house prices using a hedonic model already exists, we wish to contribute with an in-depth analysis on these variables of(More)
A biophysically detailed model of the primary auditory cortex explains physiological forward masking, co-tuning of excitation and inhibition and cortical signal amplification For a long time, studies argued for inhibition as the main mechanism responsible for two-tone suppression (a.k.a. forward masking) seen in primary auditory cortex (A1) neurons [1,2].(More)
BACKGROUND Robot-assisted laparoscopy (RL) is used in a wide range of operative interventions, but the advantage of this technique over conventional laparoscopy (CL) remains unclear. Studies comparing RL and CL are scarce. The present study was performed to test the hypothesis that maiden users master surgical tasks quicker with the robot-assisted(More)
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