Johan P. Bøtker

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The aim of this study was to investigate the usefulness of the atomic pair-wise distribution function (PDF) to detect the extension of disorder/amorphousness induced into a crystalline drug using a cryo-milling technique, and to determine the optimal milling times to achieve amorphisation. The PDF analysis was performed on samples of indomethacin obtained(More)
Isomalt is a sugar alcohol used as an excipient in commercially available solid oral dosage forms. The potential of isomalt as a novel freeze-drying excipient was studied in order to increase knowledge of the behavior of isomalt when it is freeze-dried. Isomalt was freeze-dried in four different diastereomer compositions and its physical stability was(More)
Hot-melt extrusion and 3D printing are enabling manufacturing approaches for patient-centred medicinal products. Hot-melt extrusion is a flexible and continuously operating technique which is a crucial part of a typical processing cycle of printed medicines. In this work we use hot-melt extrusion for manufacturing of medicinal films containing indomethacin(More)
To achieve an in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanism of the acceleration or deceleration effect of temperature on solvent-mediated anhydrate-to-hydrate phase transformation. The effect of temperature on the phase transformation rate and onset time of two model compounds was investigated using in situ Raman spectroscopy. The thermodynamic driving(More)
A 3D printer was used to realise compartmental dosage forms containing multiple active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) formulations. This work demonstrates the microstructural characterisation of 3D printed solid dosage forms using X-ray computed microtomography (XμCT) and terahertz pulsed imaging (TPI). Printing was performed with either polyvinyl alcohol(More)
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