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In this study we investigated the implementation of a support programme for Surinam people with dementia and their carers. The reason for setting up a new type of support was the finding that the regular care is unable to meet the needs of elderly people from ethnic minorities and their carers. We traced facilitating and impeding factors in the successful(More)
BACKGROUND The rigorous implementation of safety policies have made air travel one of the safest modes of transport. Health institutions and hospital managing bodies increasingly adopt cues from aviation safety protocols and policies in an attempt to reduce medical errors and patient harm. Among hospital staff, surgeons are most likely to be confronted with(More)
ling between two overlaid magnetic films. As well as the basic interest in the interactions between spin systems across an interface, a great deal of incentive for the kind of work Yelon describes came from the computer industry and the need for high packing density magnetic film memories with non-destructive read-out of information. The coupled structure(More)
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