Johan Oppen

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We present a problem dealing with transportation of live animals to slaughterhouses. The problem is taken from the Norwegian meat industry, and may be viewed as a vehicle routing problem extended with constraints to ensure a smooth production flow at the abattoir. In addition, several constraints to ensure animal welfare have to be met. These include(More)
We describe a special variant of the Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), where there are many customers per road segment. A metaheuristic tabu search algorithm for the VRP is given, and aggregation of customers is used to better the performance, with respect to both time and solution quality. The methods are tested on test instances from the literature as well(More)
Oil tanker traffic constitutes a vital part of the maritime operations in the High North and is associated with considerable risk to the environment. As a consequence, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) administers a number of vessel traffic services (VTS) centers along the Norwegian coast, one of which is located in the town of Vardø, in the(More)