Johan M. Karlsson

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The client-server model is fast becoming the most common form of network architecture used in data communications. It's popularity can be seen in the phenomenal expansion of the World Wide Web. It is essential that students understand the client-server model, and that they learn how to design client-server networks and to analyze their performance. This(More)
Travel time estimation based on cellular network signaling is a promising technology for delivery of wide area travel times in real-time. The technology has received much attention recently, but few academic research reports has so far been published in the area, which together with uncertain location estimates and environmental dependent performance makes(More)
LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile technologies have integrated discontinuous reception (DRX) power saving method to optimize the power consumption at the user equipment (UE). The DRX method was proposed by the 3rd Generation partnership Project (3GPP), and since then, the traffic behavior has been analyzed in several studies with a standard 3-state DRX model to(More)