Johan M. Karlsson

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Passive particle focusing based on inertial microfluidics was recently introduced as a high-throughput alternative to active focusing methods that require an external force-field to manipulate particles. In this study, we introduce inertial microfluidics in flows through straight, multiple parallel channels. The scalable, single inlet and two outlet,(More)
The client-server model is fast becoming the most common form of network architecture used in data communications. It's popularity can be seen in the phenomenal expansion of the World Wide Web. It is essential that students understand the client-server model, and that they learn how to design client-server networks and to analyze their performance. This(More)
We present a method for efficient air bubble removal in microfluidic applications. Air bubbles are extracted from a liquid chamber into a vacuum chamber through a semipermeable membrane, consisting of PDMS coated with amorphous Teflon(®) AF 1600. Whereas air is efficiently extracted through the membrane, water loss is greatly reduced by the Teflon even at(More)