Johan Lofgren

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In this paper, we present an analysis of different channel estimator structures that can be used and efficiently implemented with minor configuration changes of a common hardware for both LTE and DVB-H. Such common estimator structures for LTE and DVB-H allow algorithm and hardware reuse when both standards are implemented on the same platform. In this(More)
The workcard is the primary document that controls an aircraft inspection task and serves as a major factor influencing inspection performance. The present study develops a methodology for design of workcards, based on the application of human factors knowledge to the analysis of aircraft inspection tasks. A taxonomy for design of usable documentation was(More)
This paper presents a new and improved bit-serial CORDIC architecture. A detailed description of the bit-serial implementation and its Control Unit is presented. It is shown that the improvement is due to a reduction of registers in the implementation and is made possible by ensuring that the angular path is calculated prior to the corresponding vector(More)
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