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Continuously indexed Gaussian fields (GFs) are the most important ingredient in spatial statistical modelling and geostatistics. The specification through the covariance function gives an intuitive interpretation of the field properties. On the computational side, GFs are hampered with the big n problem, since the cost of factorizing dense matrices is cubic(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to investigate how motion sickness, triggered by an optokinetic drum, affects short-term memory performance and to explore autonomic responses to perceived motion sickness. BACKGROUND Previous research has found that motion sickness decreases performance, but it is not known how short-term memory in particular is(More)
The development of models that provide accurate spatio-temporal predictions of ambient air pollution at small spatial scales is of great importance for the assessment of potential health effects of air pollution. Here we present a spatio-temporal framework that predicts ambient air pollution by combining data from several different monitoring networks and(More)
In this paper we present a model for describing the position distribution of the endocardium in the two-chamber apical long-axis view of the heart in clinical B-mode ultrasound cycles. We propose a novel Bayesian formulation, including priors for spatial and temporal smoothness, and preferred shapes and position. The shape model takes into account both(More)
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