Johan Lemmens

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Plasma levels of D-dimer are elevated in cancer patients. Activation of the extrinsic coagulation system and the fibrinolytic cascade within a tumour is thought to be related with growth, invasion and metastasis. We have investigated the relationship between these markers of fibrin metabolism, standard clinicopathological variables and serum levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Due to lack of culturally relevant assessment tools, little is known about children's developmental profiles in low income settings such as Ethiopia. The objective of this study was to adapt and standardize the Denver II for assessing child development in Jimma Zone, South West Ethiopia. METHODS Culture-specific test items in Denver II were(More)
BM 13.177, a sulphonamide derivative, prevented platelet aggregation by thromboxane A2 in vitro and selectively inhibited contraction of isolated rabbit femoral arteries induced by two stable endoperoxide analogues. In a double-blind placebo-controlled study, oral BM 13.177 inhibited platelet aggregation induced by arachidonic acid, low dose collagen, and(More)
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