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We present weak and strong scaling studies as well as performance analyses of the <i>Hybrid</i> code, a finite-difference solver of the compressible Navier-Stokes equations on structured grids used for the direct numerical simulation of isotropic turbulence and its interaction with shock waves. Parallelization is achieved through MPI, emphasizing the use of(More)
Keywords: Shock–turbulence interaction Large-eddy simulation Compressible flow Artificial bulk viscosity Sound prediction a b s t r a c t The artificial bulk viscosity method to numerically capture shocks is investigated for large-eddy simulation (LES). Different variations of this method are tested on a turbulent flow over a cylinder at Reynolds number of(More)
Underground mines typically do not represent the best working conditions for humans , and many mining companies have the intent to remove all humans from the ore extraction areas. To achieve this goal automation of the mining machinery is required. One of the riskier jobs in a mine is to operate the Load-Haul-Dump (LHD) vehicles that are used to transport(More)
For underground mining operations human operated LHD vehicles are typically used for transporting ore. Because of security issues and of the cost of human operators, alternative solutions such as tele-operated vehicles are often in use. Tele-operation, however, leads to reduced efficiency, and it is not an ideal solution. Full automation of the LHD vehicles(More)