Johan L. Nielsen

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The effects of woody debris on anadromous salmonid habitat in eight streams on Prince of Wales Island, southeast Alaska, were investigated by comparing low-gradient (1-9%) first-or second-order streams flowing through either spruce-hemlock forests or 6-10-year-old clear-cuts, and by observing changes after debris was selectively removed from clear-cut(More)
The acoustical properties of two rooms that are one-way connected electroacoustically, e.g., in a telephone/video conference, can be analyzed through the total impulse response from a source in one room to the receiver in the other room. The total impulse response is a convolution of the two involved room impulse responses, and such a model is analyzed in(More)
The maximum-directivity beamformers, or the so-called plane wave decomposition (PWD) beamformers have been widely studied and used for spherical microphone arrays, but they are known to be sensitive to random array errors that exist in practical applications. In this paper, a robust maximum-directivity beamforming approach based on the spherical harmonics(More)
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