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A new family of homologous membrane proteins that transport galactosides-pentoses-hexuronides (GPH) is described. By analysing the aligned amino acid sequences of the GPH family, and by exploiting their different specificities for cations and sugars, we have designed mutations that yield novel insights into the nature of ligand binding sites in membrane(More)
A new mechanism causing deterioration of the threshold voltage matching performance of MOSFETs is described. We demonstrate that this effect depends on several fundamental CMOS device architecture aspects such as the source/drain implant energies, the gate layer thickness, a gate top oxide layer thickness and the poly-silicon gate morphology. It is(More)
A single-cysteine mutant of the lactose transport protein LacS(C320A/W399C) from Streptococcus thermophilus was selectively labeled with a nitroxide spin label, and its mobility in lipid membranes was studied as a function of its concentration in the membrane by saturation-transfer electron spin resonance. Bovine rhodopsin was also selectively spin-labeled(More)
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