Johan H. A. Janssen

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To evaluate clinically a new, retrievable vena caval filter in a multicenter study. The Tulip filter is a stainless steel half-basket that is suitable for antegrade or retrograde insertion via an 8.5 Fr introducer sheath. The filter can be retrieved via the jugular approach using an 11 Fr coaxial retrieval system. Forty-eight filters were implanted via the(More)
INTRODUCTION Coronary heart disease is the largest single cause of death in Australia. In Western Australia invasive diagnostics and therapies for acute coronary syndromes are only provided in the metropolitan hospitals of Perth. Patients in rural hospitals who need invasive cardiac care have to be transferred to Perth. The aim of our research was to(More)
We report the case of a patient with "lymphocytic gastritis" surprisingly associated with an intestinal lymphoma which was treated after intestinal resection by corticosteroids and a combination of antimitotic agents. Comparing gastric mucosa before and 3 months after therapy, we observed a striking reduction of inflammation. Such a case suggests the(More)
In a double-blind placebo-controlled multicentre study, the effect of the immunomodulator thymopentin (TP5) on the antibody production to trivalent influenza vaccine was tested in 108 patients on chronic intermittent haemodialysis (HD). Antibody production was determined in pre- and postvaccination sera. Compared to a group of 35 young healthy adult control(More)
Serum CA 19-9 has been proposed as a tumour marker for pancreatic cancer (PC). However, false positive results are seen in sera of patients with benign jaundice. The CA 19-9 assay was performed by a solid state radioimmunoassay in 86 icteric patients (total bilirubin greater than 2 mg/dl). 24/86 had PC (12 men, 12 women, mean age 74 years) and 62/86 had(More)