Johan Gustafsson

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MALDI imaging mass spectrometry (MALDI-IMS) allows acquisition of mass data for metabolites, lipids, peptides and proteins directly from tissue sections. IMS is typically performed either as a multiple spot profiling experiment to generate tissue specific mass profiles, or a high resolution imaging experiment where relative spatial abundance for potentially(More)
Introduction: The purpose of this study was to develop a technique for automatic segmentation based on Fourier descriptors for separating smooth objects from the background in SPECT-images. The aim of the segmentation method was to be able to automatically outline kidneys in SPECT-images of patients undergoing radionuclide therapy with 177 Lu-DOTATATE. The(More)
the non-exclusive right to publish the Work electronically and in a non-commercial purpose make it accessible on the Internet. The Author warrants that he/she is the author to the Work, and warrants that the Work does not contain text, pictures or other material that violates copyright law. The Author shall, when transferring the rights of the Work to a(More)
Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMS) provides a means to measure the spatial distribution of biochemical features on the surface of a sectioned tissue sample. IMS datasets are typically huge and visualisation and subsequent analysis can be challenging. Principal component analysis (PCA) is one popular data reduction technique that has been used and we propose(More)
There is so far no consensus on how to develop a reliability model of safety-related digital instrumentation and control (I&C) in a probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) of a nuclear power plant. The objective of this thesis is to evaluate different approaches to model digital protection systems in a PSA for a nuclear power plant. This is accomplished by(More)
This master thesis work was done at Ipendo Systems in Linköping, a company that makes an intellectual property management system called Ipendo Platform. The master thesis describes the design and development of an extension to a web based solution to work as desktop application and demonstrating the solution with an Outlook plugin. The goal was to improve(More)
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