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Please mind the gappy content
Representationalist theories of experience face the problem that two sets of compelling intuitions seem to support the contrary conclusions that we should ascribe, respectively, singular contents andExpand
Toward a Novel Theory of Rational Managerial Deliberation: Stakeholders, Ethical Values, and Corporate Governance
How should managers deliberate and how do we teach them to do so? How one evaluates managerial decision-making will partly depend on what conception of the corporate function one endorses. Agency T...
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The Plight to Choose: Cultivating Practical Deliberation in Management Learning and Education
Departing from discussions at Research in Management Learning & Education (RMLE) Unconferences, we identify the problem of practical deliberation: When faced with multiple, relevant theories that allExpand
The Motivating Role of Truth in Reasoning: A Defence of Object-Dependent Fregean Senses
Intuitively, when all goes well, we adopt beliefs based on inference because we realize that their truth is established by the truth of the involved premises. Expand
What is the Myth of the Given
What Motivates Fregean Anti-Individualism?
In Anti-Individualism and Knowledge Jessica Brown criticises views of content that combine Fregean Sense and anti-individualism. Brown assumes that all Fregean theories are motivated by a picture ofExpand
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McDowell’s new conceptualism and the difference between chickens, colours and cardinals
McDowell recently renounced the assumption that the content of any knowledgeable, perceptual judgement must be included in the content of the knowledge grounding experience. We argue that McDowell’sExpand
Discriminatory Capacities, Russell's Principle, and the Importance of Losing Sight of Objects
What capacities for discrimination must a subject possess in order to entertain singular thoughts? Evans has suggested that a subject must be able to discriminate his referent from all other entitiesExpand