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Demands on real-time kernels increase every year: as applications grow larger and become more complex, real-time kernels must give short and predictable response. The RTU is a real-time kernel coprocessor implemented in an ASIC, which is intended to meet the growing expectations on real-time kernels. Since the RTU gives fast response times, it is necessary(More)
Extended Abstract Real time kernels are implemented today in software or in a separate processor. One of the disadvantages of current implementation approaches is that the execution times for the Service Calls have a minimum and a maximum value. The time gap can be large, and in real time systems the worst case time is one of the factors which determine the(More)
In message based systems, interprocess communication (IPC) is a central facility. If the IPC part is ineffective in such a system, it will decrease the performance and response time. By implementing the IPC facility in hardware, the administration (scheduling, message handling, time-out supervising etc.), is reduced on the CPU , which leads to more time(More)
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