Johan Ekekrantz

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This paper presents a new approach for topological localisation of service robots in dynamic indoor environments. In contrast to typical localisation approaches that rely mainly on static parts of the environment, our approach makes explicit use of information about changes by learning and modelling the spatio-temporal dynamics of the environment where the(More)
Finding accurate correspondences between overlapping 3D views is crucial for many robotic applications, from multi-view 3D object recognition to SLAM. This step, often referred to as view registration, plays a key role in determining the overall system performance. In this paper, we propose a fast and simple method for registering RGBD data, building on the(More)
We present a novel method for clustering segmented dynamic parts of indoor RGB-D scenes across repeated observations by performing an analysis of their spatial-temporal distributions. We segment areas of interest in the scene using scene differencing for change detection. We extend the Meta-Room method and evaluate the performance on a complex dataset(More)
Registering frames of 3D sensor data is a key functionality in many robot applications, from multi-view 3D object recognition to SLAM. With the advent of cheap and widely available, so called, RGB-D sensors acquiring such data has become possible also from small robots or other mobile devices. Such robots and devices typically have limited resources and(More)
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