Johan Coetzee

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Institution of a policy of vaccination in endangered species with a vaccine not previously administered to it cannot be undertaken lightly. This applies even more in the case of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) with their unusually monomorphic gene pool and the potential restrictions this places on their immune responses. However, the recently observed(More)
The range of natural dimeric procassinidins is extended by identification of cassiaflavan-(4alpha-->8)-epicatechin, cassiaflavan-(4alpha 8)-epigallocatechin, cassiaflavan-(4beta-->8)-epicatechin, cassiaflavan-(4beta-->8)-epigallocatechin, cassiaflavan-(4beta-->8)-gallocatechin, ent-cassiaflavan-(4beta-->8)-epicatechin and(More)
The series of naturally occurring proanthocyanidins with 7,8-dihydroxylated A-rings is extended by identification of the proteracacinidins epioritin-(4beta-->6)-oritin-4alpha-ol, epioritin-(4beta-->6)-ent-oritin-4alpha-ol, ent-oritin-(4beta-->6)-epioritin-4alpha-ol, ent-oritin-(4beta-->6)-oritin-4alpha-ol, ent-oritin-(4alpha-->6)-epioritin-4alpha-ol,(More)
The rare series of (4-->5)-linked proteracacinidins is extended by identification of oritin-(4alpha-->5)-epioritin-4beta-ol, ent-epioritin-(4alpha-->5)-epioritin-4beta-ol, epioritin-(4beta-->5)-epioritin-4alpha-ol and ent-oritin-(4beta-->5)-epioritin-4alpha-ol from the heartwoods of Acacia galpinii and Acacia caffra.
The rare series of trimeric proteracacinidins is extended by identification of the first analogs with exclusive C-C interflavanyl bonds, i.e. epioritin-(4beta-->6)-oritin-(4alpha-->6)-epioritin-4alpha-ol,oritin-(4beta-->6)-oritin-(4alpha-->6)-epioritin-4alpha-ol, and epioritin-(4beta-->6)-epioritin-(4beta-->6)-epioritin-4alpha-ol. These compounds are(More)
The pH value and the moisture, fat and protein content of abattoir by-products which are commercially available in the Republic of South Africa were examined, and the total bacterial count and the extent of Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Bacillus, yeast and fungus contamination were determined. The extremes and reasonably attainable quality standards were(More)
The first triflavanoids with both C-C and C-O-C interflavanyl bonds, epioritin-(4beta-->6)-epioritin-(4alpha-->4)-epioritin-4beta-ol, epioritin-(4beta-->3)-epioritin-(4beta-->6)-epioritin-4beta-ol and epioritin-(4beta-->3)-epioritin-(4beta-->6)-epimesquitol-4alpha-ol, were identified in the heartwood of Acacia caffra. The ethereal interflavanyl bond is(More)
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