Johan Boullet

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We studied the temporal evolution of the photodarkening effect in an Yb-doped silica LMA fiber. The absorption spectra exhibit an increase in absorption in the visible and in the near infrared spectral range when the fiber is exposed to pump light around 980 nm. We show the influence of the photodarkening on the cw lasing properties of the fiber, and(More)
In this paper, we investigate power scalability of ytterbium-doped ultra large core photonic crystal fiber laser operating on the zero-line transition. We first report on an 80 microm core diameter ytterbium-doped rod-type photonic crystal fiber laser emitting up to 94 W in continuous wave regime when operating at 977 nm, which is to our knowledge the(More)
We report on the study of direct amplification of femtosecond pulses in an 80 mum core diameter microstructured Yb-doped rod-type fiber amplifier in the nonlinear regime. The system includes a compact single grating compressor for the compensation of the small dispersion in the amplifier. With a 1250 line/mm (l/mm) grating-based compressor, pulses as short(More)
We report the first experimental demonstration (to our knowledge) of high-order harmonic generation in rare gases driven by a state-of-the-art high-power Yb-doped-fiber chirped-pulse amplification system. The fiber laser delivers 270 fs pulses in the 30-100 microJ energy range at repetition rates varying from 100 kHz to 1 MHz. A proper focalization allows(More)
We report the generation of high-energy high-peak power pulses in an all-normal dispersion fiber laser featuring large-mode-area photonic crystal fibers. The self-starting chirped-pulse fiber oscillator delivers 11 W of average power at 15.5 MHz repetition rate, resulting in 710 nJ of pulse energy. The output pulses are dechirped outside the cavity from 7(More)
We report on a passively mode-locked fiber laser emitting around 976nm. The self-starting mode locking is achieved in an unidirectional ring cavity by means of nonlinear polarization evolution. Stable single-pulse operation is observed for 480mW of average output power. This all-normal dispersion laser generates naturally chirped pulses with 1ps duration.(More)
We report what we believe to be the first millijoule-class ytterbium-doped fiber laser system operating on the zero-phonon line at 977 nm. An actively Q-switched master fiber oscillator delivers nanosecond pulses (FWHM 12-32 ns) at adjustable multiples of 10 kHz repetition rates that are further amplified in an ultralarge core photonic crystal fiber(More)
We report on a compact double-stage ytterbium-doped-fiber chirped-pulse amplifier system delivering high temporal quality 270 fs pulses of 100 microJ energy at a repetition rate of 300 kHz resulting in a peak power of 340 MW. The recompression down to 1.1 times the Fourier limit is based on the exploitation of nonlinear phase shifts associated with(More)
Coherent combining is demonstrated in a clad-pumped Yb-doped double-core fiber laser. A slope efficiency of more than 70% is achieved with 96% of the total output power in the fundamental mode of one of the two cores. This high combining efficiency is obtained when both cores are coupled via a biconical fused taper in a Michelson interferometer(More)