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In this paper we evaluate the resistance of the block cipher RC5 against linear cryptanalysis. We describe a known plaintext attack that can break RC5-32 (blocksize 64) with 10 rounds and RC5-64 (block-size 128) with 15 rounds. In order to do this we use techniques related to the use of multiple linear approximations. Furthermore the success of the attack(More)
In this paper we describe an attack on 3 rounds of IDEA, making use of linear as well as diierential cryptanalytic techniques. The attack is independent of the key schedule. The main attack requires at most 2 29 chosen plaintext pairs and a workload of about 2 49 additions modulo 2 16 + 1 to nd two subkeys or their additive inverses modulo 2 16 + 1. Further(More)
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