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Social externalism and the problem of communication
Social externalism must allow that subjects can misunderstand the content of their own thoughts. I argue that we can exploit this commitment to create a dilemma for the view’s account of
Content internalism and conceptual engineering
It is argued that internalist conceptual role theories of content can meet Cappelen’s challenge and meet her challenge to provide arguments for 3 claims.
Linguistic Understanding and Testimonial Warrant
How much linguistic understanding is required for testimonial knowledge acquisition? One answer is that, so long as we grasp the content expressed by the speaker, it does not matter if our
Holism, conceptual role, and conceptual similarity
ABSTRACT Holistic views of content claim that we each speak and think in distinct and idiosyncratic idiolects: although we may often entertain thoughts with similar contents, the content of our
Which Method(s) for Conceptual Engineering? *
1. The symposium ‘Conceptual engineering’ is chief among the most popular labels at the cutting edge of philosophical research. The phrase was independently coined in Carnap scholarship (Creath 1991;
Content internalism and testimonial knowledge
It is commonly assumed that content preservation is required for success in testimonial exchanges. Many content internalists, however, cannot endorse this assumption. They must claim instead that t...